Online Lok Adalat

In light of COVID-19 and the Supreme Court’s direction to promote technology in the Indian justice system, ADR CARE is committed to providing technical support to State Legal Services Authorities (SLSAs) to hold Online Lok Adalats.

ADR CARE runs a campaign to sensitize the general public about adopting collaborative dispute resolution practices.

People and businesses won’t have the power/time to fight while trying to survive. With the majority of the offline services being limited, online services have become crucial. Online Dispute Resolution will play an essential role in keeping the wheels of justice rolling with no time to waste or large amounts of money to be spent. An Online Lok Adalat, held remotely, will ensure that access to justice continues. 

Justice at your doorsteps

What is the role of ADR CARE in the Online Lok Adalat?


ADR CARE’s role is strictly limited to providing technical support to the Online Lok Adalat, which is being held under the aegis of State Legal Services Authority according to National Legal Services Authority (Lok Adalat) Regulations, 2009. ADR CARE will provide SLSA, lawyers, and parties access to an end-to-end online dispute resolution platform to enable SLSA to conduct an end-to-end Online Lok Adalat (not limited to video conferencing). ADR CARE will provide assistance in-


I. Sending notices to a party through email/Whatsapp/text.

II. ADR CARE’s user-friendly Video Conferencing Support for Pre-counselling sessions/Online Lok Adalat.

II. E-signature support.

III. ADR CARE case manager who will be available to provide administrative assistance to the counselors appointed by SLSA, secretaries, court staff, parties, and lawyers. (A case manager is a person who helps all parties in a dispute by providing them end-to-end administrative assistance).

V. Compiling a report of total cases taken up, disposed of, and total settlement amount.

(Note: This assistance is being provided by ADR CARE in a pro-bono/subsidized manner, and no data/record pertaining to the Online Lok Adalat will be used by ADR CARE for any personal/commercial/business purposes in any direct or indirect manner. ADR CARE services will be officially recognized as a technical service partner where ADR CARE services are rendered for Online Lok Adalat).

What is not within the scope of ADR CARE in the Online Lok Adalat?

I. ADR CARE does not identify suitable cases for the Online Lok Adalat. That is determined by SLSA.

II. ADR CARE does not appoint counselors. That is appointed by SLSA from their respective panel of neutrals. However, subject to the express request by the district secretary, ADR CARE may provide for professional mediators who can assist the parties in pre-counseling sessions.

III. The Rules and Procedures of ADR CARE do not apply in the Online Lok Adalat proceedings.