The simpler way to deal with the matrimonial dispute

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The ADR CARE is sophisticated enough to meet complex needs and simple enough to let you get up and running immediately. We keep it precisely tailored and affordable.

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Changing the way society deals with matrimonial disputes

For decades, the way people dealt with marital disputes has been the same. It's cold, complex, and incredibly stressful – and it usually involves an expensive trip to your local solicitor, numerous mediators, and countless social leaders.


We created ADR CARE to change all that.

By blending smart technology with outstanding support, we're doing everything to do with marital disputes easier, resolvable, faster, and fairer for people all over India.

Made For India


Our services simplify the process, reduce costs, help you survive the challenges, and build a prosperous future forward


Mutual Consent

We take the stress and anxiety out of preparing a mutual agreement. We carry out your entire proceedings, collect documents, prepare a list of items and responsibilities, provide consulting to ensure you follow the law, compose and file your joint papers, visit courts, forward your case to the judge for review. After the judge signs, send you the certified copies.

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